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Cotton Travel Sheet

At the end of your journey, you shouldn’t have to think about the cleanliness of your hotel bedding. Allersac is a 100% combed cotton percale zippered travel sheet designed to help shield you against unclean bedding, allergens, harsh detergents, lice and bedbugs. Our 400 thread per inch sateen finished cotton percale is a soft, breathable barrier between you, and the bed, blanket and pillow.

Take it to go

Use Allersac in hotels, motels, hostels and cruise ships. For buses, trains and planes, simply slip the pillow pocket over the top of the headrest and lay Allersac down on the seat. Allersac is great for children’s overnight visits at their friend’s homes or when you have house guests. Allersac is easy to use and maintain. Makes a great gift!

Dust Mite Protection

Allersac is tightly woven, at 400 threads per inch. Allersac will block 99% of dust mite allergens, and 100% of dust mites. Wash in hot water, dry on high heat, to remove and inactivate any allergens or pests, without harsh detergents. Fresh and clean for your next trip.

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